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It's your space - use it, enjoy it!

Do you need me or someone else?

Read my info, it's written well. When you are finished, you will tell if its my service that you need, or someone else to do your deeds.

You said you get to it this Spring, but you’ve put it off for other things... Because of children's sports and school, maybe you were tired, or, had other things to do? What ever the reason, this fact is true, it's now grown too much for you to do!!!

Dust and pollen in the air... Creepy crawlies ticks and spiders, snakes and moles ... Don’t forget the bees and toads!!!... There is poison ivy and lots of pickers,... tangley vines that just grow thicker... If left alone becomes a mess,.... To walk your yard you'll need a GPS!!!

You want to do it, you need it done... But so much work,... it wont be fun... The question is, and I must ask why don’t you call me, "The Brush Mower Guy?" There are no jobs too big or small, with help from "Trimmer Girl" we can do them all!!! The number is 978-660-9032, just one call and we come to you... We will tame your yard, reclaim your space, we'll put a smile on your face. When we done, the hard work will be through... The rest my friend is up to you... There won't be much more left to do... So, call your friends, pick up some brew... Enjoy the space we made for you!!!

The space that's reclaimed can be put to good use

... Perhaps a new play area to keep kids amused?...How about a swing set for your bundle of joys, or a nice big shed to store everyone's toys? You could put up a tent or go get a pool... Maybe a park bench and a fountain will do? Does Dad want a hammock with a nice fire pit, or for mom a patio with places to sit?... Could a garden be in one of your plans? Fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables from your own land!!! The choices are many... So much you can do... That choice my friend is left up to you... When all is done and nothing left to do, I can guarantee then.... Your neighbors will drool!!!

Things I don't do, that you might want done cut down trees that block the sun, put mulch down along the ground, or spread some loam and throw seeds down... I don’t grind stumps or chip brush piles, those 2 things I will do in a while! Actual landscaping I don’t do at all... No walkways, patios, retaining walls... No mowing laws, or planting shrubs, no treatment for them pesky grubs...I don't trim bushes, hedges or trees. Or spray for bugs like ants, ticks or bees... And, no fountain garden with a crystal ball... That’s not my gig, give someone else a call.

If you're still reading, it's my guess ...You like this poem, or... Yard's a mess?... So, send an email or pick up the phone, the person you talk to will come to your home... I have 1 machine for what I do, it works for me, it will work for you... Your satisfaction is my priority, your happiness I guarantee!!!.... So, do yourself a favor and call the BMG!!!... For those of you who procrastinate, there's no reason to hesitate. Call me now, its not too late... I guarantee... you'll love my rate!!!

Its your space, use it and enjoy it!


Garret Lewush 978-660-9032

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