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The Brush Mower Guy is here to say... I picked up a new toy just the other day. I got me a chipper that I can use, on all of the saplings I mow down for you.

Due to high winds, branches are down... Scattered all over, just laying around. Stacked in a pile that grows higher each year, blocking the views that you use to have there. Taking up space where your children could roam... Becoming a place where the critters call home!!! Chip monks and squirrels, birds and the bees reside in that pile and not in the trees. Foxes, coyotes, and snakes all around waiting to eat what lives in that mound!

You need to disposed of them or burn in a pit. If you do neither, for years they will sit. The piles are a hazard, could ignite in a flash, burning acres and acres to cinders and ash!!!

Get rid of that pile, clean up your space, put a patio into that place... A nice fire pit with seats all around, or a place for a tent... Your own private campground.

My time, my labor and your...

Bartering is an option! I am looking to barter for toys with engines, tattoo work, massage/spa service, Harley and Indian parts, motorcycles, sportster engine (any year), inflatable boat, kayak, canoe, take me out in your boat, small generator, paint and rust clean up on a 97 Dodge Ram, auto detailing, coach pocketbook or another big name, SCUBA equipment, coins, concert and sporting tickets, decent car, transfer switch and box to hook a generator up to my house, I take paper too. Tell me what you have, I am open to other ideas, just ask!!
Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from you soon.

Its your space, use it and enjoy it!


Garret Lewush 978-660-9032

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